I can’t believe this is finally happening. Faenomenal is born today! If you knew my kind of person, you’d probably be giving me a dozen hugs and a warm cup of tea in celebration. This is because I have so much inertia when it comes to taking a new step, and an especially risky one at that. No one does the math (excuse the pun if you read my bio) of all things that could go wrong better than me.

Show up at the start line, at least.

I’d wanted to own a blog for as long as I can remember. Back in my university days, I teamed up with a friend of mine. We were literally ready to change the world with our words and we needed a blog to do just that. But that blog never saw the light of day. I think we got stuck at trying to figure out a perfect name for the blog. By the time we thought we were good to go, we had already run out of the needed steam to start.

Between that time and now, I’ve probably registered a new WordPress account more times than I could count on one hand. One time in 2015, I started a blog I christened Bota and Shuga (you can laugh, please); I didn’t post more than the first two days and my newborn blog just went like that in a poof!. In retrospect, I must have developed cold feet right after hitting the publish button.

“You will regret more of the things you did not do, than the things you did”

It dawned on me that there would always be a good reason not to start this blog yet. I thought about stuff like waiting to get more “write”exposure first, and a DSLR camera maybe. And how putting my thoughts (and life, of course) out here could make me so vulnerable. Then I could rather save towards owning a dotcom site, and not have WordPress smeared all over my blog. I also had the all-time blogger fear of not getting enough hits and views, or running out of steam like it happened before.

So with all these good reasons, why are you reading this first post? I’ve decided to eat this frog anyway. The worst that could happen really is failing, which I believe is only a disguise to becoming better. I’ve made a list of all the juicy reasons why Faenomenal is here to stay for me, for you. This will come in handy on those days when I wonder why I’m even doing this at all. Here’s my list…

  • Showing up consistently on a blog would help me be a little more accountable with my life goals.
  • This space would serve as my little corner of the www and a diary that could come in handy when I tell my story to my children.
  • Putting out content will definitely improve my writing skills.
  • The awwmazing community of bloggers and readers I’ll connect with here.
  • The opportunity to touch at least one person with my gift of words.
  • Money, money, money; when collaborations, product reviews and ads start rolling in.

This list outnumbers the previous one for a good reason. There are more and better reasons why I should blog, and better will always be preferable to good. Starting out is scary but which sailor found new lands by staying at the shore? Trust me, you may begin to wonder if you started a bit too soon or how loud people would boo if you failed. But you will never have these answers if you do not take that first step.

Here, let’s drink some wine in celebration of this milestone. I look forward to sharing bits and pieces of my life here. I look forward to keeping it honest and true to myself. I look forward to your comments and messages. I look forward to the Faenomenal life.

Ready? Let’s do this!

If you’ll like to know more about me or the blog, check out what I wrote here. I also love to receive messages from you, use the contact form here.

Till next time,



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