If there ever was something like a graduation anniversary, then it would be a year now I got my bachelors degree. Actually, twelve months after I submitted my project, and ten since I walked up the podium to receive the dean’s prize. Almost time to drop the “recent” title and hand over to the graduating set of 2017.

I looked almost like this on convocation day, or not.

It would be dishonest to say that as my undergraduate days wound up, I didn’t feel the rush of anxiety nearly all final year students can relate to. I would wrap my head with thoughts of how they were no jobs in Nigeria and how a first class does not guarantee anything. Then, there was the popular “what do you plan to do after school?” which always caused my stomach to churn. To which I’d reply, albeit in my head, “Oya Unku, since I don’t have any plan in life, coman beat me”

So, dear recent graduate, I’ve been where you are right now. And this is my two kobo on how to rock your first few months of leaving school.

First, go home and SLEEP.

There’s still enough time to change the world and make the Forbes list. You will not make common NYSC list if you kill yourself with worry. Taking time off to transition from the student’s world of tests, upcoming exams and deadlines will do your mind a lot of good. Remember what a certain angel told a certain Elijah, “eat, for the journey is far”.

Don’t apply to work at every Tom, Dick and Harry.

One recent graduate told me, “Fae, find any work for me; tea girl, typist, PA, anything that pays”. While it is true that a job brings in the bucks(which your bank account needs right now) you wouldn’t want to get stuck in a 9to5 that gulps your time without adding much to your productivity.

Social media is your buddy

This right here is #Bae

Channel your energy into volunteering and internship opportunities. And social media makes it so easy for us these days. You may not need to wear a tie and carry a file from street to street (Thanks, Nollywood), you can get really cool offers as you scroll through the news feed on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, recently I stumbled on an ad calling for social media interns; basically a person who can share posts on social media, reply emails, read other blogs and source pictures.

Don’t leave home…yet.

You wouldn’t lose your degree by eating your parent’s food. Funny, but somehow we’ve being made to believe that the ultimate sign of maturity is leaving home after school. I did. But unless it’s absolutely necessary that you do, staying with your parents (or guardian) could save you extra expenses and help you stay accountable.

This post first appeared on my Facebook wall, and I thought it wise to also share with you here. Please drop a comment if you have any questions for me.

P.S. I did finish with a first class though. Someday, I hope to share that story here.



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