Hi there! It’s a few hours away from the Easter weekend! Easter is traditionally celebrated either in March or April, and it just so happens that I was born on the last day in the month of March. See the connection? In fact, I thought it so cool when my birthday coincided with Easter Sunday some five years back. Well, it falls on Easter eve this time around and I’m low-key excited as always.

The birthday photoshoot I talked about here didn’t work out again because, laziness. Don’t ask me about the solo date too (covers face). So I can predict to an extent how my Saturday is going to look like from here: my little brother will most likely be the one to wake me up with a birthday song, which Momsi and Sisi will join to sing. Later in the evening, my dad in his usual custom will call me to kneel before him to receive the traditional birthday blessings. I’m thinking of telling him to add good husband and fine shildren to this year’s prayer request because girl is not getting any younger, hehe.

Last week on the blog, we shared on how to deal with conflicts and boy, you’d agree with me that it was a really “serious” post. Now, how would you like something light in the spirit of my birthday celebration? I thought to share a little extra about myself, basically random stuff and right off the top of my head. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

  1. I have only one brother and one sister in this life, which I think is perfect by the way. One gives me a girl’s perspective, the other a guy’s.
  2. I cannot dance to save my life. Tried doing the shaku-shaku thingy recently, let’s just say it was an #EpicFail.
  3. Can’t swim either. Now that I think of it, have I even dipped my legs in a real pool?
  4. I love ripe plantains, sliced thin and fried in hot oil until crisp. Miss any step, and you’d eat the plantains all by yourself. Just kidding.
  5. Graduated from uni with first class honours. Best girl in class, best student in class, best girl in faculty, best student in faculty, best girl in the entire uni… Need I say more?
  6. Contrary to popular opinion, Fae is NOT an acronym for my full name (like Favour Emmanuel). It is rather the first syllable of Fay-vour, and was first spelt Fae by my sister.
  7. My full name sounds unisex by the way, reason why I missed being called out on grad day for the prize of best girl in the uni (I was mistaken for a boy!).
  8. Text or phone calls? Text me pleeease, I don’t possess the emotional energy that goes into answering calls.
  9. I can get on a high from sniffing creamed butter.
  10. Yes, there’s a special guy somewhere in the picture. I’m still thinking of a code name for him on the blog because “monitoring spirits” are everywhere. Any suggestions?
  11. Never been away from my family for more than a month. For someone who loves to travel, it’s incredulous abi?
  12. I was the only girl in my class at uni. Currently the only girl on my team at work too. Could this be a sign that I’m going to be the only girl in my future home? (wails loudly)
  13. I love to discover, collect and create words. My current fave word has to be shenanigans; can’t wait to use it on the blog!
  14. A disorganized living space makes me feel like there’s cotton wool stuffed in my brain. Some days, I have to re-arrange my room in order to think clearly.
  15. Would seriously consider being an Ob-gyn in a next life.
  16. I don’t fancy wearing make-up to church because I cry a lot during worship and prayer. I wouldn’t want to end up looking like someone a truck ran over.
  17. I have long relaxed hair. The only reason I could consider going natural is just to prove to myself that I’m better off with relaxed hair.
  18. I prefer beef to goat meat.

Do you think these were random enough? Let’s talk in the comments, and I’d love to hear something random about you too. And don’t forget it’s my birthday on Saturday. Say a prayer for me, will you?

Happy Holidays!

xx, Fae.

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17 thoughts on “18 “random” THINGS ABOUT ME

  1. Guess u forgot to share your love and passion for roasted plantain (boli) and fish.
    So, all those who have been debited to fill your stomach have not been appreciated.

    By the way, hope you love evangelism?


    1. Hahahaha….Bole is just to get by o. If I had a choice it would be Shawarma every lunch.

      Thank you Mike, how is Sis. OverP?


  2. Good morning dear.
    Birthday vibes….
    Did you just forget to share that you are a born teacher? Hmmmm. I can’t forget Network Analysis oooo. (laughs)..
    The lady that prays….for hours…. I mean 4hrs…every morning the few times I stayed with you and observed. And I was like, what is it about this girl? Needful to say, that actually attracted me to you..Hehehehe… I hope you still do that sha…
    Fae, your personality is a potpourri of so many different things that years of knowing you will not reveal everything that makes you who you are. It is amazing how deliberate God is preparing you for your destiny.He knows exactly how long it will take, who to send into your life and what events it will take to bring you to a place of maturity in Him. He is your Lord. His place in your life is the foundation of every success you will ever enjoy. Fae, it is Gods tender love for you that keeps your mind from breaking under the stress of life. And when all is said and done, no one can comfort or hold you like He can. You may be satisfied with your job, secure in your relationships, confident in who you are, but it is all because of Him. It is knowing Him that gives you the grace to endure transitions and the vissicitudes of life. I pray He’d watch over you through the night and His kiss will bring you out of your sleep come dawn. His kiss is a sedative for you.


    1. Oh my! Thank you for these prayers! I carefully read through them and I am edified.

      Really? You took note of my praying hours then? Most times, I didn’t intend to stay that long. I just got carried away enjoying God’s presence and 4 hours seemed like 1 hour. Right now, I’m so happy I invested that much time into praying and seeking God’s face. I’m reaping the dividends now, even as I no longer have that much time these days.

      I always love your hashtags ☺ Thank you Precious, I love you


  3. It got me laughing and let me add No 19: Fae has a friend and brother outside papa Pikins that Is super proud of her. One day she shouted at him for something (pelzins want to shuk their ears to hear) anyways, he fell sick the next minute.


    1. Hahahahahahaha…..Nimi! You wee not kee me, thank you for reminding me.

      By the way, who is older? Me or you?


  4. Happy birthday Fay-vour. I’m persuaded of better things concerning you, yes, including things that accompany salvation.

    One random thing about me is that I try hard not to open your post. Once I do open it, hours will just fly; mhen I enjoy reading it sha. Phew! still looking for a strong MOG whose prayer can deliver me faenomenaly.

    Fae, I’d like to know when you (1) had your first makeup, and (2) became a regular on it. Kai, I sabi fine trouble. Shebi?


    1. Wow! Daddy Josh! I should pronounce you chairman of the supporters club of faenomenal.com, hehe.

      You sabi find trouble sha….I still dey learn for this make up business o. Okay, first professional make-up was on convocation day. The number 2 no get answer😂

      Thank you for your comment! I enjoyed reading it.


  5. I had to wait till today to read your post so I can say this…….
    Happy birthday sweetheart, lines are falling unto you in pleasant places, your light shines and darkness cannot comprehend, you have favour with God and men, you exude greatness and beauty, God has blessed you forever, this is the beginning of pleasant surprises for you, enjoy and have fun, it’s your day!
    Plus, I’lld like to take you out, at least to fulfill that my promise that has lingered for ages but I assume today is going to be a busy day for you as the celebrant, so another day will do.
    God bless and prosper all you do, cheers!


    1. Awww…..Aibee love, thank you for all your prayers and amen to them.

      Hmmm….I was indoors all throughout my birthday, I hardly have the strength to go out these days. That’s one random thing I didn’t add to the list. Let’s see how it goes sha.

      Thank you for always leaving a comment.


  6. Awesome…Happy birthday Fae, you are just faenomenal.

    Cheers to more years of increase.

    This blog is rich and cool…You are doing a great job here.


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