So this is how it happened: I’d made plans to see a movie last Saturday with my friend D (who’s probably reading this and rolling her eyes). In my defence, I was excited about having some nice girl-time with D and giving myself a little post-birthday treat. I’d even planned the dress, the on- fleek make up, the gram-worthy photos and that whole shebang.

Then Friday came, and I could feel my motivation level begin to drop. I thought of how tired I was going to be during the weekend and all the stress that goes into dressing up to go out. And how I could use some proper twelve-hour sleep. And how my bank balance wasn’t smiling either, haha. To cut a long story short, I eventually slept in on Saturday and didn’t even send D a text to cancel!

Now, while going to the movies may not seem worthy enough to be called a goal, I could draw a parallel with some of the more “serious” stuff I plan to do but never get to do (goals for the year, for instance). You are not alone if you find it easier to set goals than work at achieving them; I feel it happens to even the best of us. If Almost could get the job done, then I would have been writing about the great time we had at the movies, and not on how to achieve your goals even when there are 101 reasons not to. Anyway, would you still want to know how to get the job done even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing?

Think of it in little chunks.

There is a tendency to feel overwhelmed when your goals seem too big to accomplish. So, rather than feel discouraged, break that seemingly impossible task into several bits that are not difficult for you to do. The feeling that comes with completing one simple bit is enough motivation to get you going on another, and another until the overall goal is achieved. In retrospect, if i had just focused on waking up early that Saturday morning, I may have stood a better chance of making it to the movies as planned.

Just do it.

Yes, it’s that simple. If you need to call someone, pick up your phone. If you need to write a report, create a new document on Word.  If you have to make dinner, start the fire. Take that first step. Don’t over-think or over-analyse the process. Trust me, it’s much easier when you’ve started. In fact, I had to take my own advice by writing this post. I just picked up my note app (almost without thinking) and typed the first sentence.

And I’m really glad I did because I feel this could just be the push someone out there needs to move from planning to doing. Are you that “someone”? Is there something you need to do but have been dragging your feet about? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

xx, Fae


6 thoughts on “HOW TO SMASH YOUR GOALS (even when you don’t feel like it)

  1. I like the tips you listed, but when I saw the title, I was like typical Fae. Almost. 😂 Maybe your friend didn’t push harder? Also, a non-smiling bank account is enough motivation killer sometimes 😑 I like how you were able to turn this into lessons for us. Truly, merely starting out can be all the motivation we a times.

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    1. 🙈you just know me…I guess if she’d pushed harder, I would have gone.
      Thank you Annie, for reading.

      P.S. And D if youre reading this, I wouldn’t mind if the offer is still open😂I’ve learnt my lessons.

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  2. Nice post. Let me cook this Beans I’ve procrastinated about since Monday.

    Anyway, I loves the fact that you chose to sleep rather than going to see movie. It made the blog post shorter, if otherwise, we would have had a detailed project highlight.

    By the way, How’s the Teddy bear doing.

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  3. So true Fae. Most times we end up not achieving anything because they seem overwhelming, but if we split them into bits and just do each beginning with the smallest task, we’ll smile at ourselves sooner or later. Starting things is scary, just start!


    1. Yeah, just start…as simple as that…This week, I put this into practice, and the results were awesome. I got to tick off some pending tasks off my list.

      Thank you Flora 😉


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