Recently, a blogger-friend shared something about not being able to complete a single book since the beginning of the year. I recall thinking “oh, so that’s a thing?” because I’d never really given much thought to setting book goals or to whether I was reading “enough”. I knew I had my struggles, but I was pretty sure reading wasn’t one of them, or was it?

These days, there’s just so much information screaming at you from everywhere, so much so that the line between reading and actually reading becomes blurry. For example, if all the blog posts, insta-stories and feeds I read were compressed into books, then I would have easily read not less than a hundred books in a year. But these bits and pieces here and there don’t afford the same amount of growth as a whole book geared towards personal development or sheer pleasure. And I realised that this was what my blogger-friend was referring to- not just reading but being intentional about consuming helpful (and whole) information.

I’m hoping that this new monthly series on the blog will serve as a reminder to me (and you, as well) to put more effort into reading actual books.

For the month of May, here are two books I am currently reading:


John Grisham || THE PARTNER

I’d started on this same novel a while back but later got disinterested when unfamiliar places were mentioned and the plot to me felt a tad too serious. I think I even had issues with the font type. Out of boredom I picked it up again a few days into the month and literally got hooked, like how could I possibly have missed this intriguing, you-cant-tell-what-would-happen-next kind of story?

The story is about Danilo, an investment lawyer who fakes his own death and escapes with his partners’ money. Quite early in the book, he is caught by private investigators and as the rest of the book unfolds we get to learn of the events surrounding the crime he committed. I’m mid-way through, and hoping I complete it this weekend.

Now the second book…


Ovundah Nyeche || SEX: THE NAKED TRUTH

I really wanted to read Dr. Ovundah’s book for two reasons. Apart from the fact that we share a great friendship, he had a way of infusing humour into whatever counsel he gave to me and I knew the book wouldn’t be any different. Also, because I’d read quite a couple of materials which either made sex too spiritual to be physical (or too physical to be spiritual), I needed a fresh and balanced view.

And I wasn’t disappointed. There’s a lot of humour, and fact (medical statistics and advice) and also truth(God’s word) within the pages. My favourite chapter so far would be that on sex lies; it honestly debunks a lot of the lies that lead many young persons into unwholesome sexual relationships.

I still have one or two e-books that I’m yet to even start on. You can conveniently blame it on my bias for paperbacks like I shared in this post.

I’d love to know the books you’re currently reading (not planning to!) Share with me in the comments, and also the challenges you face meeting your reading targets. Let’s talk!

P.S.1 If you’d love to get Dr. OVDs book, I left a link to his blog here, pricing and delivery information are also available.

P.S.2 (Weird fact) I find it difficult to eat without reading something, anything even if it has to be the label on the beverage can!


7 thoughts on “READIN’ LATELY: May

  1. In reply to “oh, so that’s a thing?” Yes, that’s so a thing! Lool. You aptly captured the reason that is.

    I made a mental note to purchase and read Dr. Ovundah’s book. This post serves as a reminder for me. Thank you.

    I’m currently rereading Francine Rivers’ A Lineage Of Grace. I was putting stuff together, stumbled on it, read a few lines and decided to read it again.

    I love the new layout of your blog and your new photo! You’ve been busy in the while you were away, and it’s good to read you again. Cheers, darling. 😘❤

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    1. Annie, my blogger-friend!😀 Thank you so much for leaving a comment.

      That would be so nice. If you need any help with getting the book, I’d be very willing to help.

      Now that’s one book I’ll totally want to re-read. My favourite story in the series was Ruth’s. First time I was seeing her in a different light, and the retelling of her love story with Boaz was all shades of cute. I’m tempted to ask, e-book or paperback?

      Yipeee! Thank you so much. I’m hoping to be more consistent in the months to come❤

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    2. It’s a paperback, dear. Exactly my thoughts on Ruth’s story. Francine Rivers is a phenomenal woman. Hahaha. Allow me to borrow your name for her.

      You’re very welcome. 😊

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  2. I read “The Partner” early last year whilst reading for my final exams. .. It was so captivating with lots of twist and turns that you could never depict what’s to happen next. I was literally engrossed and didn’t drop the book until I was done. It’s a great read, try it out. #happyisuccessfullyconvo

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    1. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for leaving a comment. I just finished reading The Partner, and all I can say is wow! I never saw that twist at the end of the story coming. I’d surely keep an eye out for all Grisham books.


  3. Do all favours come with the same personality?
    I never eat withput reading…it’s a life long habit now…likewhy should you just eat when you can read and eat. I learnt it from my family though…we’d usually put a novel in front of us as we at in the dinning table. Bad habit you’d say…but that’s how I knew about Pramasidor, Glaxosmith, Unilever and other product companies…I guess you can learn from bad habits too.

    The book sex lies was a gift from a friend. I’ll give it a 5/10 simply because it seems like every other book on sex out there.
    For the month of may I read books too numerous to remember now.


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