Call me Fae, and we’re friends for life, haha. I work in a software firm by day, using math principles to drive the algorithms that make a super cool software work. Quite techie right? When I retire home, I love to invent ways to use the experiences and information at my disposal to help other people. And Faenomenal, is one of those ways.

You can expect to find everything that makes up life on this blog from faith to career and even bucket lists. I hope that as you read the posts, you’ll find inspiration and just the right amount of push to live your life to the fullest.

Heads up, I’m not perfect, and I still try to make sense out of the whirlwind of activities around me on a daily basis. It may turn out that you probably know a lot more about this living of a thing than I do. My aim is not to give dos and donts or a set of rules which have worked for me, but to simply share. In that sharing, I hope you find one or two things that will resonate with whatever stage of life you’re currently in.

Phew! That was beginning to sound like an Independence Day speech. Now, onto some fun stuff. I’m big on fried plantains and bus windows and curling up in a comfy sofa with good fiction. I also love eyebrows that stay on fleek though I never have quite enough patience to sit still and have them drawn. And sometime before the current century is over, I know I’m going to give a TEDtalk and hop on a plane from Lagos to the Carribean, just for the fun of it.

Welcome to Faenomenal, and please leave a message to let me know you were here.